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Secretary Arne Duncan affirms CTE in response to Harvard report

US Secretary of Education applauds Harvard report for "shining the spotlight on the critical field of career and technical education," but stresses the importance of rigor and relevance.

Harvard's "Pathways to Prosperity" and its National Impact

"CTE has been the neglected stepchild of education reform. That neglect has to stop," stated Secretary Duncan yesterday in response to the Harvard Graduate School of Education's report on the nation's failure to prepare students for college and careers.

Click here to read "Pathways to Prosperity".

Echoing Harvard's call for a "comprehensive pathways network" of greater career counseling, high quality career education and articulation programs, Duncan stresses the importance of 'CTE 2.0':

"Statewide articulation agreements must become the norm. Employers will be much more engaged in designing programs of study and promoting stackable, industry-recognized credentials. And instead of applying the RPOS framework to just a few CTE initiatives, we would like to see it applied to many more Perkins-funded CTE programs."

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Duncan cites firsthand experience implementing CTE reform programs in Chicago and indicates an understanding of the challenges CTE programs face, but also the critical need for expansion and support.